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Delaware County Wellness Professionals presents "Introducing the Web of Support"

Mar. 3, 2021

Delaware County Wellness Professionals is hosting "Introducing the Web of Support" on Wednesday, March 10, 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.

What makes someone successful? Is it possible to look at characteristics in their life and predict their success? What if I told you that the love and support someone feels is a better predictor of their success than their race, income, gender or family composition?

The Web of Support has invested decades and millions of dollars into researching and applying a holistic framework of love and connection for youth and is now preparing to expand to support communities and workplaces in helping adults thrive. Join us as we introduce the Web of Support framework, what it means to see in full color, and ways that you can strengthen your life and the lives of those around you through intentional connection and support.

Session objectives:

  • Introducing the Web of Support framework
  • Examine how the Web framework impacts them personally
  • Explore how the Web framework could be applied in the workplace

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